Sentence Examples

  • To sequence corn's genome took four years and cost US$30 million.
  • The best Silurian sequence is in New South Wales.
  • Dean, in turn, began trying to remember the time sequence in his own mind.
  • This is expressed by saying that the sequence converges to (x+h)" as its limit; it may be stated concisely in any of the three ways, (x+h) n =lim(x"+n(1)xn-lh+....+ n(T)xn-rhr+��.),(x+h)n =lim Sr, Sr. (x+h)n.
  • Gold is found throughout Australia, and the present prosperity of the states is largely due to the discoveries of this metal, the development of other industries being, in a country of varied resources, a natural sequence to the acquisition of mineral treasure.