Sentence Examples

  • This cruise also features stops in Cabo San Lucas, Huatulco, Puerto Quetzal and Cartagena.
  • The scientific determination of the Quetzal-bird of Central America seems to have been first made by C. L.
  • The bird-life of the country is remarkably rich; one bird of magnificent plumage, the quetzal, quijal or quesal (Trogon resplendens), has been chosen as the national emblem.
  • 'QUEZAL, or Quesal, the Spanish-American name for one of the most beautiful of birds, abbreviated from the Aztec or Maya Quetzal-tototl, the last part of the compound word meaning fowl, and the first, also written Cuetzal, the long feathers of rich green with which it is adorned.'
  • The wonderful plumage of the " quetzal " (Trogon resplendens) was, it is said, reserved b y the Aztec rulers for their own exclusive use.

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