Sentence Examples

  • He was kindly noticed by Henry Hervey, a gay officer of noble family, who happened to be quartered there.
  • On that occasion, apparently by way of protest against the decree of the diet of Vesteras (r 5th of January 1 544), declaring the Swedish crown hereditary in Gustavus's family, the Danish king caused to be quartered on his daughter's shield not only the three Danish lions and the Norwegian lion with the axe of St Olaf, but also "the three crowns" of Sweden.
  • Menteith certainly received the blood-money, boo yearly in land, and Wallace, like Montrose, was hanged, disembowelled and quartered (at London, August 1305).
  • His head was set on a spike and his quartered limbs were exposed in various places.
  • Troops were first quartered in the town in 1768.