Sentence Examples

  • Trains coming in contact with projections from other trains or vehicles on parallel lines 7.
  • He was he deals with the principles of mathematical geography, map projections, and sources of information with special reference FIG.
  • The cylindrical and modified conical projections of Marinus and Ptolemy were still widely used, the stereographical projection of Hipparchus, was for the first time employed for terrestrial maps in the 16th century, but new projections were introduced in addition to these.
  • Werner (1514) devised three heart-shaped projections, one of which was equivalent.
  • In the marine Streptoneura they are ectodermic projections which ultimately fall off; in the Opisthobranchs they are closed pouches; in Paludina and Bithynia they are canals as in Pulmonata.