Sentence Examples

  • In 1541, was ordained deacon in 1544 and was proctor and Lady Margaret preacher in 1548-1549.
  • That officer uses the title of king's proctor when he appears in certain matrimonial causes.
  • (1835); Rambles in the Mammoth Cave in 1844, by Alexander Bullitt, with map by Stephen Bishop; guide-books by Wright (1858), Binkerd (1869), Forwood (1875), Proctor (1878), Hovey (1882), &c., and Hovey and Call (1897); Hovey's Celebrated American Caverns (1882, &c.); and The Mammoth Cave and its Inhabitants, by Packard and F.
  • Harrison's offensive operations being thus checked, he accomplished nothing that summer except to hold in check Proctor, who (May 1-5) besieged him at Fort Meigs, the American advanced post after the disaster of the river Raisin.
  • Perry's naval victory on the 10th of September 1813, Harrison no longer had to remain on the defensive; he advanced to Detroit, re-occupied the territory surrendered by General William Hull, and on the 5th of October administered a crushing defeat to Proctor at the battle of the Thames.