Sentence Examples

  • While there isn't really much a service provider can do to stop the mechanism of a CGI proxy (webmasters also use PHP to create proxy websites), they can block traffic to the proxy servers themselves whenever they are discovered.
  • When using a proxy website that acts as sort of a "browser within a browser," you are using an encrypted connection to the web, which "anonymizes" the computer user and prevents the IP address from being recorded.
  • Additionally, with the ever-growing specter of identity theft and phishing scams, the ability to use proxy sites to visit MySpace can only help users retain a sense of security and comfort in their wish to enjoy social networking.
  • You can use sites that would otherwise be blocked by your school or workplace when you log in with a proxy like eBuddy, but there are some things you should be aware of before you log in and start typing in valuable information.
  • The marriage was celebrated by proxy on the 30th of September 1673.