Sentence Examples

  • The third or outermost chamber, the proctodaeum, is closed externally by the sphincter ani; the orifice is quite circular.
  • In some parasitic Hymenoptera there is only a single the proctodaeum respectively.
  • That portion of the gut which is formed by the hypoblast, whereas in Hexapod insects the similar caecal tubes are developed from the proctodaeum or in -pushed portion of the gut which is formed from epiblast.
  • The mouth and the anus are formed as independent in-pushings, the mouth with stomodaeum first, and the short anal proctodaeum much later.
  • After the formation of the gastrula by epibole the larva becomes enclosed by an ectodermic test covering the whole of the original surface of the body, including the shell-gland, and leaving only a small opening at the posterior end in which the stomodaeum and proctodaeum are formed.