Sentence Examples

  • A soothsayer was a general practitioner in his art, not attached to any one god or temple.
  • In English law, to call a medical practitioner a "quack" is actionable per se without proof of special damage (Allen v.
  • Where the body of a person who has died of an infectious disease is retained in a room where persons live or sleep, or the retention of any dead body may endanger health, any justice on the certificate of a medical practitioner may order the removal of a body to a mortuary and direct the body to be buried within a time limited by the friends of the deceased or in their default by the relieving officer.
  • "CHRISTOPHER ADDISON (1869-), English politician and medical practitioner, born June 19 1869 at Hogsthorpe, Lincs., was educated at Trinity College, Harrogate, and received his medical training at St.
  • A practitioner took a scab from someone with a mild case, made an incision in the skin of a healthy person, and infected that person with the scab.