Sentence Examples

  • The preview was a foreshadowing of events in season six.
  • For example, during the baby swap storyline on Y&R between Sharon and Ashley, numerous preview and update articles detailed the history behind the swap, Adam's role and the speculation on when Sharon would learn the truth.
  • Specialty coffees may also incur an extra fee.Photographs: Professional photographers are available on to capture every moment of your vacation, and while you can always preview your photos, there is no obligation to buy.
  • Zone38: One of the coolest features about this site is that there is a video game font preview tool that will let you see what your text would look like with any of the ten or so fonts that the site houses.
  • With elements like falling text, comment scroll boxes, and even entire layout generators, you can get the specific code snippets either through cut-and-paste or through a sample HTML code generator that includes a preview.