Sentence Examples

  • Goritza), 10,000; Elbassan (perhaps ancient Albanopolis), 8000; Metzovo, 7500; Preveza, 650o; Avlona, 6000; Durazzo, 5000; Parga, 5000; Butrinto, 2000; and Kroia, the ancient fortress of Scanderbeg, 5000.
  • A little north of Preveza are the considerable ruins of Nikopolis, founded by Octavian to commemorate the victory of Actium.
  • At Preveza Barbarossa defeated the papal and Venetian fleets under Doria.
  • PREVEZA, or Prevesa, a seaport of Albania, European Turkey, in the vilayet of Iannina; at the entrance to the Gulf of Arta, an inlet of the Ionian Sea.
  • Preveza exports dairy produce, valonia, hides and wool, olives and olive oil.