Sentence Examples

  • Katie," she said to the maid, "bring the princess her gray dress, and you'll see, Mademoiselle Bourienne, how I shall arrange it," she added, smiling with a foretaste of artistic pleasure.
  • The boy had a bitter foretaste of life.
  • This explains the retention of Italy, imposed on the Directory from 1796 onward, followed by his criminal treatment of Venice, the foundation of the Cisalpine republica foretaste of future annexatiofis the restoration of that republic after his return from Egypt, and in view of his as yet inchoate designs, the postponed solution of the Italian problem which the treaty of Lunville bad raised.
  • Chaucer's poetry, which owed so much to Italian examples, gave an early foretaste of the former.
  • So you see, I had a foretaste of the pleasure which I hope some day to have of visiting Florence.