Sentence Examples

  • In some ways it is similar to the Potty Training in a Day approach but instead of expecting results in just one day, the training takes place over a matter of days which gives the child more time to develop the habit of using the toilet.
  • Convertible Changing Tables-When your baby is still in diapers, you'll need a changing table complete with storage for diapers, wipes, ointments, lotions, etc. Once she becomes potty trained, though, what can you do with the changing table?
  • You don't want to ignore constipation because it can lead to more serious conditions, and also because you certainly don't want your child to develop the association of bowel movements and pain, which can lead to future potty anxiety.
  • Understand what the term "potty trained" means, which is that your child recognizes she needs to use the potty, she can pull down her panties and sit on the potty, and she can urinate and have a bowel movement in the potty regularly.
  • In this latest stunt, he not only hung upside down for two and a half days, but he didn't eat or sleep and urinated via catheter (you know you were wondering) although he did have to stand upright a few times to go potty.