Sentence Examples

  • Fortunately, Bill was equally smitten with Katie.
  • Had she been that smitten or so desperate to leave?
  • On the 11th of March 1868 Talal, smitten with an incurable malady, fell by his own hand and was succeeded by his brother Matab; after a brief reign he was murdered by his nephews, the elder of whom, Bandar, became amir.
  • One of the heads "is smitten unto death," but is healed of the death stroke.
  • Lastly it was the fiery counsels of the dying prophet, accompanied by the acted magic of the arrow shot through the open window, and also of the thrice smitten floor, that gave nerve and courage to Joash, king of Israel, when the armies of Syria pressed heavily on the northern kingdom (2 Kings xiii.