Sentence Examples

  • Scarcely anything is left of the old chapel dedicated to St Dennis, which for a time was used as a smithy; and of the chapel of St Serf, the patron saint of the burgh, only the tower remains.
  • From the south end of Kongens Nytorv, a street called Holmens Kanal winds past the National Bank to the Holmens Kirke, or church for the royal navy, originally erected as an anchor-smithy by Frederick II., but consecrated by Christian IV., with a chapel containing the tombs of the great admirals Niels Juel and Peder TordenskjOld, and wood-carving of the 17th century.
  • NI.PoPr, in order to secure VOlundr's services, lamed him by cutting the sinews of his knees, and then established him in a smithy on a neighbouring island.
  • IO 3.22 2 1901 in teaching carpentry and smithy-work to boys who never intended to be carpenters or smiths; but this misdirection of industry has since been remedied, and the industrial schools have been made the first stepping-stone towards a professional career.
  • The type is often used in foundries, or to serve heavy hammers in a smithy, whence the name.