Sentence Examples

  • In 1973, Texas country singer Jerry Jeff Walker chose this laid-back destination as the place for the recording of his new album, "Viva Terlingua", which became very popular (and this helped to put Luckenbach on the map).
  • While some Jerry Garcia ties cater almost exclusively to those who use their neckties to make an outrageous statement each day, there are a few others that even the most conservative man could wear without feeling uneasy.
  • However, if you or your guy are into using ties to make a statement or you just gravitate toward patterns and colors that make others do a double-take, Jerry Garcia may be the brand you're looking for, after all.
  • Sofia looked down at the beautiful woman on the bed before jerry-rigging the IV over a lamp to keep it elevated.
  • The boy, Jerry, fell in and drowned.