Sentence Examples

  • While she despised the man, her feelings still lacked a motive to sever his rope in cold blood and watch him plummet down to the rocks and churning river below.
  • This was the " corner-stone of precious solid foundation ": " I will make judgment the measuring-line and righteousness the plummet " (Isa.
  • The plummet is now placed in distilled water at 15°, and the beam brought to equilibrium by means of a rider, which we shall call I, hung on a hook; other riders are provided,;nth and ii b th respectively of I.
  • Inscribed objects in the Berlin Museum; these are a palm branch with a sight-slit in the broader end, and a short handle from which a plummet line was hung.
  • The depths of the most noted pits have easily been ascertained by line and plummet and the height of several large domes has been found by the use of small balloons.