Sentence Examples

  • A woman who is considered obese may have her doctor recommend she gain only 10 pounds, while a woman who is underweight when she conceives may be encouraged to aim for a weight gain of 45 to 50 pounds.
  • If you use a calculator that labels your child as overweight or obese, it is prudent to pay a visit to the doctor for further assessment and to ask for his advice on how to help your obese child.
  • In addition, in early 2004, the first alternative school for overweight and obese children, which operates like other private and charter schools, but with a focus on healthy weight loss and maintenance, was established.
  • This is not to say that there are no obese vegetarians, but the sheer amount of saturated fat in meat means that you are increasing your chances of obesity, even if your diet is otherwise healthy.
  • Some studies claim obesity is a risk factor for asthma stating that nearly 75 percent of emergency room visits for asthma attacks are among obese individuals and that obesity pre-dates the onset of asthma.