Sentence Examples

  • The lips are sometimes produced into fleshy lobes.
  • A bullet fired by a French sharpshooter hit him in the fleshy part of his leg.
  • The early authorities represent the Stigmata not as bleeding wounds, the holes as it were of the nails, but as fleshy excrescences resembling in form and colour the nails, the head on the palm of the hand, and on the back as it were a nail hammered down.
  • The nearly related Ficoideae replace the new-world Cactaceae, but the habit of the latter is simulated by fleshy Euphorbias and Asclepiads, just as that of A gave is by the liliaceous Aloe.
  • The fruit is oblong, fleshy and contains one very hard seed which is deeply furrowed on the inside.