Sentence Examples

  • His mind coursed with carnal lust, raw and insatiable.
  • One night while he lay awake, he tells us, he saw the likeness of the Blessed Virgin with her divine Son; and immediately a loathing seized him for the former deeds of his life, especially for those relating to carnal desires; and he asserts that for the future he never yielded to any such desires.
  • The treatise of Ter- tullian, - Concerning Fasting: against the Carnal, - written as 3 On the manuscript evidence the words " I was fasting," in Acts x.
  • At Dover he came under Quaker influence, and signified his readiness at last to be done with "carnal sword fightings and fleshly bustlings and contests"; and in 1655, on giving security for his good behaviour, he was set free.
  • Love is treated from a frankly carnal point of view.