Sentence Examples

  • From G's to Gents is an elimination-style reality show that focuses on giving these hardened, self-absorbed, or brutish men a second chance to clean up their act.
  • Each person took for himself all that he could; man's life was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short."
  • He was that way with everyone he encountered, brutish.
  • " What my forefathers established at the council of Constance and other councils it is my privilege to maintain," he exclaims. Although, to Aleander's chagrin, the emperor consented to summon Luther to Worms, where he received a species of ovation, Charles readily approved the edict drafted by the papal nuncio, in which Luther is accused of having " brought together all previous heresies in one stinking mass," rejecting all law, teaching a life wholly brutish, and urging the lay people to bathe their hands in the blood of priests.
  • The one is commonly transitory, a sound, a tongue, a dialect merely, almost brutish, and we learn it unconsciously, like the brutes, of our mothers.