Sentence Examples

  • The video recorded a ghostly figure of a man walk out of a dark doorway with one hand outstretched and an unnaturally white face almost glowing in the middle of the grainy closed-circuit video stream.
  • However, videos with authentic phenomenon often transition to frames that contain ghostly activity so gently that most people completely miss it the first time they watch the video.
  • Ghostly apparitions of Thomas Whaley, his wife and their daughter are reportedly seen in the master bedroom as well as the Music Room, and many visitors claim to feel a choking sensation whenever near the stairway.
  • Smoke and Shadows: In this episode, the cast investigates the case of a woman who says she has had ghostly experiences since her roommate moved out, and presents photographic evidence of her cause.
  • It couldn't be real, and yet... she remembered the train whistle and the ghostly voice of Nick.