Sentence Examples

  • There are two soft iron tongues, n, s, fixed upon and at right angles to an axle a, which works on pivots at its ends.
  • The knuckle stands open until the coupling is pushed against another coupling, when the two hooks turn on their pivots to the position shown in fig.
  • There was general agreement on foreign policy, whose pivots were close alliance with Czechoslovakia, the series of bilateral agreements which made up the Little Entente (Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia Aug.
  • The doors had pivots of bronze revolving in well-fitted bronze cup-like sockets let into the thresholds.
  • 4 shows the mounting of a Thomson card on its pivot, which in common with the pivots of most other compasses is made of brass, tipped with osmium-iridium, which although very hard can be sharply pointed and does not corrode.