Sentence Examples

  • Summer Infant Complete Coverage Baby Monitor Set-This set features a seven inch LCD color screen that can tilt or swivel as well as a handheld color monitor.
  • If your bay windows were custom built for the home, or have angles that differ from the industry standard, consider using swivel sockets in the corners or bends of the window.
  • Most office chairs that recline also swivel, which makes it easier to quickly access different parts of a desk (particularly U-shape and L-shape desks).
  • If a modern style kitchen is more your speed, consider a stainless steel island with stainless steel swivel bar stools; the island gives you a place to work while the steel design keeps your decor inspirations in tact.
  • You can also select models equipped with a swivel arm, allowing you to move your simmering dinner completely out of the reach of the fire during cooking or for serving purposes.