Sentence Examples

  • Welby, Oscar Neumann and others.
  • In 1889 the association of the " Union Civica " was founded, and the organization undertaken by Dr Leandro Alem, Dr Aristobulo del Valle, Dr Ber nardo Irigoyen, Dr Vicente Lopez, Dr Lucio Lopez, Dr Oscar Lilliedale and other leading citizens.
  • The Norwegian order of knighthood of St Olaf was founded in 1847 by Oscar I., king of Sweden and Norway, in memory of this king.
  • His Political Memoranda were edited by Oscar Browning for the Camden Society in 1884, and there are eight volumes of his official correspondence in the British Museum.
  • By P. de Tchihatchef (Paris, 1875); Engler, Versuch esner Entwicklungsgeschichte der Pflanzenwelt (Leipzig, 1879-1882); Oscar Drude, Manuel de giographie botanique, transi.