Sentence Examples

  • The parody followed the format of the original show and had Andy Samberg playing Billy Bob Thorton, an actress impersonating Anna Faris, Drew Barrymore playing Sharon Osbourne and Justin Long impersonating Matthew McConaughey.
  • Drew Barrymore recommends enjoying favorite foods, and simply eating less of them, whereas Jessica Alba extols a more structured regimen of produce, lean sources of protein, and the avoidance of sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Written by Melissa Mathison, the story takes place in 'middle America', mainly in the home of a divorced woman and her kids Eliot (Henry Thomas), Michael (Robert MacNaughton) and Gertie (Drew Barrymore).
  • Catering to celebrities like Cher, Drew Barrymore and Madonna, the artist and the businessman behind the line have brought their dream of quality cosmetics with color variety and creativity to life.
  • Steven Spielberg's film about an alien stranded on earth and a group of children that befriended him was the role that made seven-year-old Drew Barrymore a bankable Hollywood starlet.