Sentence Examples

  • - Terra-cotta Statuette from Petsofa.
  • If we add to pictures of this class a few Scriptural subjects, a few Oriental dreams, one or two of tender sentiment like "Wedded" (one of the most popular of his pictures, and well known by not only an engraving, but a statuette modelled by an Italian sculptor), a number of studies of very various types of female beauty, "Teresina," "Biondina," "Bianca," "Moretta," &c., and an occasional portrait, we shall nearly exhaust the two classes into which Lord Leighton's work (as a painter) can be divided.
  • Mangeant, Sur une statuette de Voltaire par J.
  • The ivory statuette of an aged king (Plate I.
  • - Lead Statuette from Kampos.