Sentence Examples

  • Contrast with that a roughly contemporary figurine of an actor playing a modest young woman.
  • Even if you are not comfortable using your own body as a model for pregnancy art, you can still celebrate your beautiful pregnant belly by purchasing a painting, sculpture, or figurine that will commemorate the special time in your life.
  • Another wall fountain is little more than a motif or figurine spout that is attached to the wall and a ceramic, concrete or metal pool is placed below the spout and attached to the recirculation water tube.
  • A figurine of the love goddess, Kwan Yin is often used in homes to symbolize all of the qualities this goddess embodies, which includes compassion and mercy, necessary for love to exist in harmony.
  • For instance, instead of the traditional topper, you can use a figurine shaped like a teddy bear, a castle, a pair of palm trees, a snowflake, a starfish or a symbol that is special to you.