Sentence Examples

  • They are very lightweight wrap-around sunglasses that cling lightly but securely to the temples, and totally occlude side glare.
  • Cylinder-shaped toys of 1-inch (2.5-cm) diameter (the size of a regular hot dog) are the most dangerous size because they can occlude the trachea (windpipe) if they are aspirated.
  • They also can seriously occlude your vision in dark dance halls, not to mention reduce your peripheral vision, both of which could prove disastrous in a fast-paced couples dance.
  • This swelling of the walls may partly or completely occlude the lumen of the vessels.
  • In many cases the colour-production is dependent on certain definite conditions - temperature, presence of oxygen, nature of the food-medium, &c. Ewart's important discovery that some of these lipochrome pigments occlude oxygen, while others do not, may have bearings on the facultative anaerobism of these organisms.