Sentence Examples

  • Generally the pain originates in the back area of the head just above the neck, in an area known as the occiput.
  • The comparison of cranial indexes is rendered difficult by intentional flattening of the forehead and undesigned flattening of the occiput by the hard cradle-board.
  • The skull is elongated, with an overhanging occiput, complete bony rims to the orbits, and the premaxillae separated from the arched and rather long nasals.
  • To these is attached the powerful elastic ligament (ligamentum nuchae, or " paxwax ") which, passing forwards in the middle line of the neck above the neural arches of the cervical vertebrae - to which it is also connected - is attached to the occiput and supports the weight of the head.
  • The quadrato-mandibular joint is placed in a level far behind the occiput.