Sentence Examples

  • Peoples of Arab extraction intermixed with people of Dravidian and Persian stock are all lumped together under the name of Baluch.
  • But the occurrence of the name in both India and Europe is prima facie evidence in favour of a connexion between those who bore it, for, though civilized races often lumped all their barbarian neighbours together under one general name, it would seem that, when the same name is applied independently to similar invaders in both India and eastern Europe, the only explanation can be that they gave themselves that name, and this fact probably indicates that they were members of the same tribe or group. What we know of the history and distribution of the Huns does not conflict with this idea.
  • Applying a characteristic common to some taxes, we can make a group of them, and set them against a group of all the other taxes lumped together.
  • If all who pay income tax are lumped together and contrasted with those who do not pay, then there is a false division to begin with, and there is so far no means of establishing equality or inequality.