Sentence Examples

  • The tufted head or umbel is likened by Pliny to a thyrsus.
  • The country may be likened to a steep and gigantic staircase leading to a broad and level land lying beyond its borders.
  • As an orator his eloquence has been likened to that of both Bossuet and Vergniaud, but it had neither the polish of the old 17th century bishop nor the flashes of genius of the young Girondin.
  • As regards the struthious birds, they could not be likened to the duck, for in them at no age was there any indication of a single median centre of ossification, as Geoffroy had satisfied himself by his own observations made in Egypt many years before.
  • Consequently he was called Nardulus, a diminutive form of Einhardus, and his great industry and activity caused him to be likened to an ant.