Sentence Examples

  • Managing Family Meltdown: The Low Arousal Approach and Autism by Linda Woodcock and Andrea Page: This family coping book describes the reasons behind certain behaviors in autism such as tantrums and physical aggression.
  • If you are in the middle of a rant about your child or estranged partner, either by yourself, in your head or with your best friend, take a deep breath and honestly ask yourself where the source of your meltdown lies.
  • This rarely-discussed segment of the home loan industry suddenly began making international headline news as it took the blame for what may be the worst mortgage industry meltdown in history.
  • For dads-to-be, you can choose from lighthearted fare like She's Having a Baby-and I'm Having a Meltdown or informational books like The Everything Father to Be Book.
  • As the mortgage industry goes into a period of uncertainty following the mortgage meltdown of 2007, keeping up to date with trends in the home loan market will become increasingly important.