Sentence Examples

  • Die deutsche Philologie im Grundriss (1836) was at the time of its publication a valuable contribution to philological research, and historians of German literature still attach importance to his Geschichte des deutschen Kirchenliedes bis auf Luther (1832; 3rd ed., 1861), Unsere volkstiimlichen Lieder (3rd ed., 1869) and Die deutschen Gesellschaftslieder des 16.
  • Neumann, Reden des Gotamo Buddho (3 vols.; Leipzig, 1896-1898); Lieder der Monche and Nonnen (Berlin, 1899); Max Mtiller and V_ Fausboll, Dhammapada and Sutta Nipata (Oxford, 1881).
  • Budde in Die so-genannten Ebed-Jahweh Lieder u.
  • Among the translations made by "Carmen Sylva" are German versions of Pierre Loti's romance Pecheur d'Islande, and of Paul de St Victor's dramatic criticisms Les DeuxMasques (Paris,1881-1884); and in particular The Bard of the Dimbovitza, a fine English version by "Carmen Sylva" and Alma Strettell of Helene Vacarescu's collection of Rumanian folk-songs, &c., entitled Lieder aus dem Dimbovitzathal (Bonn, 1889).
  • Schleicher, Litauische Miirchen, Sprichworte, Rdtsel and Lieder (1857); for Slavonic parallels, F.