Sentence Examples

  • Alternatively, use fondant to create a rainbow that goes up and over a tiered cake, with a leprechaun made of sculpting fondant or modeling chocolate sitting on one of the middle tiers below.
  • The leprechaun is designed to make the wearer appear shorter than he or she really is, so you will see through the mesh opening in a shamrock on the hat if you wear this costume.
  • If you are bringing dessert to an adults-only party, consider making a cake with a piped image of a leprechaun enjoying his own green-tinted beer out of a large mug.
  • If you want to be a leprechaun out of the traditional tales, Buy Costumes also has a leprechaun costume with a scary mask included, guaranteed to induce nightmares.
  • Even if you cannot find a specific leprechaun costume, you can purchase the components necessary, such as a wig, vest, bow tie, and hat, to put one together.