Sentence Examples

  • Christianity is not a lawless but an excellent law-abiding faith.
  • It had been lawless and rebellious.
  • The bishop's career and on the lawless condition of the Welsh marches Lee tremendous struggle of 1864 between Lee and Grant included in his time.
  • What was wanting was not vitality and licence, not audacity of speculation, not lawless instinct or rebellious impulse.
  • And this is fulfilled when he obeys the commands of law and the true order; when he tends his cattle and fields, in contrast with the lawless and predatory nomad (Dahae); when he wars on all harmful and evil creatures, and on the devilworshippers; when he keeps free from pollution the pure creations of Ahuramazdauire foremost, but also earth and water; and, above all, when he practises the Good and True in thought, word and work.