Sentence Examples

  • A man who is always launching opinions must expect to be retorted on.
  • He jogged through the castle and ran out into the snow, launching himself into the cold air as he changed into the bird form.
  • A battle was fought on the Canal banks, and some Turkish detachments succeeded in launching pontoons on the Canal itself.
  • In these circumstances, President McKinley, accompanied by the greater part of his cabinet, set forth in the early summer on a tour to visit the Pacific coast, where he was to witness the launching of the battleship "Ohio" at San Francisco.
  • At the first trial of this machine, on the 7th of October 1903, just as it left the launching track it was jerked violently down at the front (being caught, as subsequently appeared, by the falling ways), and under the full power of its engine was pulled into the water, carrying with it its engineer.