Sentence Examples

  • Kurt Cobain's suicide put an abrupt end to Nirvana, a band that almost single-handedly sounded the death knell of the arena rock era.
  • The knell of Dutch supremacy was sounded by Clive, when in 1758 he attacked the Dutch at Chinsura both by land and water, and forced them to an ignominious capitulation.
  • In May 1859 Ferdinand died, and was succeeded by his son, Francis II., who came to the throne just as the Franco-Sardinian victories in Lombardy were sounding the death-knell Frances 11.
  • The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, followed by the establishment of direct steam communication between Spain and the Philippines, sounded the death knell of the peaceful outside the city, but were unsuccessful.
  • Slowly the Dutch lost ground and the outbreak of war with England sounded the knell of their dominion in Brazil.