Sentence Examples

  • If you don't feel confident in your Jeopardy board making skills, ask a friend, or consider ordering from a website that carries a Bridal Shower Jeopardy package for a reasonably low price.
  • This may mean avoiding leaving siblings alone together, getting assistance with childcare, or even seeking residential or hospital treatment for the child if the safety and well-being of other family members is in jeopardy.
  • They know they run the risk of not having their claim approved and potentially putting their future coverage in jeopardy once they inform their insurance company that they have Chinese drywall.
  • Highway robbery was general, the lives and property of traders were in continual jeopardy, and the machinery for the enforcement of the laws was almost at a standstill.
  • I love to read mystery novels where the main character's safety is in jeopardy.