Sentence Examples

  • As for the revolutionary " intellectuals," without the lever of agrarian discontent they In 1897 only 15% of the population were engaged in commerce or industry, including the work-people.
  • But while Struve, and to a less degree Plekhanov, were induced by this admission to seek an affiance with Liberal intellectuals in their struggle against Tsarism, Lenin (as he had taken to calling himself), together with Martov, Axelrod and other fiery spirits, forsook the Liberal platform and strove for a violent outbreak of a downright class war.
  • Sir George Grey, entering colonial politics as a Radical leader, had appealed eloquently to the work-people as well as to the Radical "intellectuals," and though unable to retain office for very long he had compelled his opponents to pass manhood suffrage and a triennial parliaments act.
  • It had been believed that it was property owners and intellectuals who placed the question of nationality above all others, while behind them stood a solid mass of workingpeople who were uncorrupted by nationalist chauvinism.
  • It, is perhaps unnecessary to point out how small a proportion of the "intellectuals" were scholastics even in the 13th century.