Sentence Examples

  • Someone grab me an intel guy!
  • In the domain of intellect the advance of the French showed a no less dazzling and a no less universal activity; they sang Intel- as well as they fought, and their epics were worthy Iectual of their swordsmanship, while their cathedrals were develop- hymns in stone as ardent as their soaring flights of inent, devotion.
  • All our intel tells us they're after you for some reason.
  • But Italian taste was all for bold, highly-coloured; slashing statements, that any one could understand; what it wanted was a method that should be at once intel lectually impressive, and free from the usual clouds that beset the scholar's path.
  • In the 4th century there was a veritable renaissance in Gaul, the Intel- last outburst of a dying flame, which yet bore witness lectual also to the general decadence.