Sentence Examples

  • Having problems with an electronics device is frustrating and while you can sometimes take the unit back to the place you purchased it, they may not be able to help you as efficiently as a representative at Nintendo's customer service line.
  • BestBuy, for example, is one of the largest electronics stores in North America, not only selling you a widescreen TV, dishwasher, MP3 player, and cell phone, but also video game titles and accessories for just about every current console.
  • The North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall provides bargain lovers in the Peach State a massive selection of shops to choose from, each one offering up tremendous savings on everything from clothing and electronics to housewares and jewelry.
  • Since electronics are a hugely popular item among those shopping online, these deal hunting forums and groups often post a number of great electronics deals... this makes it easy to find the best price on any item you are hoping to buy.
  • In body size, they will be the same, but the electronics, exterior paint, and interior fabric options, along with optional modest to high-cost computerized accessories, will make them appear different and carry different price tags.