Sentence Examples

  • These events and the friction caused by mutual complaints of infringements of the treaty stirred up public opinion in Turkey, and the British ambassador lent his support to the war party.
  • The presbytery of Glasgow issued a pastoral letter on the subject of Sunday trains and other infringements of the Sabbath.
  • As the value of his processes became known, he began to be troubled with infringements of his patents, and in 1781 he took action in the courts to vindicate his rights.
  • Though strongly opposed to the adoption of that constitution, owing to what he regarded as its dangerous infringements upon the independent power of the states, he accepted the place of senator in hope of bringing about amendments, and proposed the Tenth Amendment in substantially the form in which it was adopted.
  • Expropriation often is accompanied by infringements of the third ingredient, individual liberty, as well.