Sentence Examples

  • Within the entrenchment stood ten guns that were being fired through openings in the earthwork.
  • The entrenchment, where General Sir H.
  • It was then thought that, if the sepoys mutinied, they would march off to Delhi, and Wheeler contented himself by throwing up a rude entrenchment round the hospital barracks, where he thought that the Europeans would be safe during the first tumult of a rising.
  • For nearly three months their heavy guns and musketry had poured an unceasing fire into the residency entrenchment from a distance of only 50 yds.
  • But the two thousand men who had thus entered the residency entrenchment under Havelock and Outram, though sufficient to reinforce the garrison and save it from destruction, were not strong enough to cut their way back to safety, Re»f of hampered with the women and children and wounded, Lucknow.