Sentence Examples

  • It is the chief entrepot for grain from the basin of the lower Oka, and carries on an active trade with Moscow and Nizhniy-Novgorod.
  • Its most important trade by land, besides Austria, is done with Germany, Trieste being the entrepot for Germany's commerce with India and the Mediterranean countries.
  • The arrival of the first railway train, on the 9th of February 1880, marked a new epoch in the history of Santa Fe, which until then had remained essentially a Mexican town; but with the discontinuance of the wagon caravans over the old trail, it lost its importance as the entrepot for the commerce of the South-west.
  • The railway has a terminus at Suakin, but Port Sudan was chosen as the principal entrepot of the commerce carried by the railway.
  • The capital, Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, was once the principal commercial entrepot of Colombia.

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