Sentence Examples

  • Working as a home-based entrepreneur can be very rewarding, personally and financially, if you have the right concept, a good business plan, and are willing to put in the work and energy necessary to build a successful business.
  • As the winner of Olympic gold in 1960 and an avid professional athlete, Jean and fellow entrepreneur Roger Pouilloux understood that the world of ski and sporting equipment was lacking in goggles and other eyewear.
  • When she later met and married entrepreneur Steve Shriver, Andrea's little home business quickly became a thriving company, not as the Eco Lips brand, but as a company who manufactured lip balms for other brands.
  • If you are a business entrepreneur or an investor and are on the hunt for the next big thing in lingerie, want to find out about the latest trends, or just have an interest in the business side of lingerie, then Infomat is the site for you.
  • Benjamin Franklin is considered a famous entrepreneur thanks to his many endeavors, and throughout history, people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and many others used their creativity and talents to transform business and create wealth.