Sentence Examples

  • Was seeking to found a united kingdom in Great Britain; while the Habsburgs were entrenching themselves in Austria; above all, while Philippe le Bel and his legists were consolidating the French monarchy on an absolutist basis, there could be little thought of the holy war.
  • His troops were entrenching themselves solidly in face of the invaders both at Helles and at Anzac, so that his antagonists would be obliged to storm lines of earthworks whenever they should attempt to make further progress.
  • Kuropatkin's intention was to work round the Japanese right on the hills with his eastern wing (Stakelberg), to move his western wing (Bilderling) slowly southwards, entrenching each strip of ground gained, and finally with the centre - i.e.
  • One thing is certain: the Stoics provided no loophole of escape by entrenching upon the " purely material " nature of matter; they laid down with rigid accuracy its two chief properties - extension in three dimensions, and resistance, both being traced back to force.
  • Army halting and entrenching on the ground it had gained.