Sentence Examples

  • The famous caves of Beit Jibrin honeycomb the hills all round.
  • The cells of the honeycomb of Apis are usually hexagonal in form, and arranged in two series back to back (figs.
  • It shows a portion of honeycomb (natural size) not precisely as it appears when the frame containing it is lifted out of the hive, but as would be seen on two or more combs in the same hive, namely, the various cells built for - and occupied by - queens, drones and workers; also the larvae or grubs in the various stages of transformation FIG.
  • It is divided by whin-dykes into the Little Causeway, the Middle Causeway or "Honeycomb," as it is locally termed, and the Larger or Grand Causeway.
  • The figure shows two of the commonest designs which are used for these cloths, design A being what is often termed the "perfect honeycomb"; in the figure it will be seen that the highest number of successive white squares is seven, while the corresponding highest number of successive black squares is five.