Sentence Examples

  • I'm a nice person (not meaning to be a big head that is), I make straight As', I'm involved, I have lots of friends, I live in a good home, heck I'm not even that ugly, if getting hit on by high school guys and older men are any indication.
  • Whether you're looking for scary as heck ghost stories to tell around the campfire or seeking to create your own scary stories, truly frightening paranormal tales have several points in common.
  • When you're sitting on that sandy beach and drinking from a carved pineapple and it's all paid for and you're not coming home to a huge credit card bill, that's a heck of a feeling.
  • And because nowhere near all the songs are available right off the bat (you have to unlock them by achieving certain milestones), Lumines II offers a heck of a lot of replay value.
  • There isn't a heck of a lot of words, per se, but because only a small handful can be displayed at a time, it can get incredibly frustrating trying to fast forward through it all.