Sentence Examples

  • HECATO OF RHODES, Greek Stoic philosopher and disciple of Panaetius (Cicero, De q, ficiis, iii.
  • And ii., of Posidonius and Hecato in Book iii.
  • On these points his disciples Posidonius and Hecato seem to have reverted to orthodoxy.
  • Hecato slightly modified this: showing that precepts (eewpi ara) are needed for justice and temperance also, he made them scientific virtues, reserving for his second class the unscientific virtue (&Oa,pnros &porn) of courage, together with health, strength and such-like " excellencies."
  • The fall of the republic was a gain, for it 3 Works of Posidonius and Hecato have served as the basis of extant Latin treatises.