Sentence Examples

  • In their native haunts they are extremely timid and wary, and very difficult to approach, being rarely seen out of their burrows in the daytime.
  • In its old haunts in the south it is practically extinct; but ten were reported from a reserve in Zululand in 1902.
  • He continued the practice, which he had commenced in 1848, of taking with him a small party of undergraduates in vacation time, and working with them in one of his favourite haunts, at Askrigg in Wensleydale, or Tummel Bridge, or later at WestMalvern.
  • The skin disease he had contracted in the subterranean haunts was rapidly closing his life; he could only ease his pain by sitting in a warm bath, where he wrote his journal; and accused the Girondins, who were trying to raise France against Paris.
  • The crag-martin (Cotyle rupestris) haunts lofty cliffs in the alpine region.